Gensky Union Field Holding


Brief Introduction of Gensky Union Field Holding
Beijing Gensky Union Field Holding is a comprehensive enterprise group which mainly focuses on import and export business services as well as domestic and international logistic business.we also focus on medical industry & multicultural business .
    As running almost twenty years , we always believe “credibility promotes harmony; service creates win-win.  we are do the best services to our customers in these
years. We have invested various field ,such as medical equipments agent , mining , commercial property ,senior healthcare ,children’s education , multicultural business & media investment. etc .
    We are not only focus on profit but also take care of social responsibility , We have done charity donation in Tibet,  assistant to the local education & charity institutions, We join the “planting trees” program in the southwest territory of China & help students of poverty in province of HeBei. We have also supported non-profit social organizations such as“UNCF”& “ the Great Wall Poverty relief foundation”.
     Gensky people will follow the principle of Innovative Development, Commitment to Success in hope to create more value and return more to the society.
Organization Structure

History of Beijing Gensky Union Field Holding
  • l        In 1997, Beijing Pansky Trade Co., Ltd was founded;
  • l        In 2003, Hong Kong Union Field Trade Co.,
  • l         In 2004, Beijing Gensky International Logistics Co., Ltd was founded;
  • l        In 2005, the American Union Field International Trade Co., Ltd was founded in San Francisco, USA;
  • l        In 2006, Beijing Gensky Union Field International Trade Co., Ltd was founded;
  • l        In 2007, Qinghai JingJieMeiLu Science Technology Co., Ltd was founded;
  • l        In 2008, Shanghai Gensky Union Field International Logistics Co., Ltd was founded;
  • l        In 2009, Henan Daying Home Furnishing Industrial Park Management Co., Ltd was founded;
  • l        In 2012, Beijing Gensky Union Field Educational Consulting Co., Ltd was founded;
  • l        In 2011, Beijing Gensky Union Field Freight Forwarder Co., Ltd was founded;
  • l        In 2012,Sweden SWEINA Science and technology business Co.,Ltd was founded
  • l        In 2013, Beijing Intellstar china Culture & Media Consulting Co., Ltd was founded.
  • l        In 2013,Nordic-Chinese Chamber Commerce Beijing branch was founded
Brief Introduction of the branches:
Beijing Gensky Union Field International Trade Co., Ltd
Beijing Gensky Union Field International Trade Co., Ltd is a major company of Gensky Union Field Holding. It is committed to the service for international trading projects. as well as the agent of famous medical equipments brands from overseas. It has well recognized by clients  for its high-qualified service and great business experience since it was founded .
As the key branch of  the holding, Beijing Gensky Union Field International Trade Co., Ltd has made a successful progress in expanding business &  invested  in various fields like medical industry, education, real estate, mining service and tourism, it has optimized the industrial structure and capital allocation of Gensky Union Field Holding, so as to continuously make new profit .
1.sales agents of medical equipments;
2.Projects investment and industrial investment;
3.Import & Export business
4.Products of Environmental protection industry .
5.Medical product development
6.Health care business
7.Hospital co-operation
8.Mergers and Acquisitions;
Beijing Gensky Union Field International Freight Forwarder Co., Ltd
Beijing Gensky Union Field International Freight Forwarder Co., Ltd is a modern, platform-based and well-integrated company which mainly focuses on international logistic service. It also has many extended services such as customs declaration, international &domestic transportation, transportation insurance, commodity inspection , international import & export trading. The company operation based on the headquarter of the group in Beijing. It has made  standard operation processes service also set up  domestic & overseas operation agents for clients . Due to its mature management concepts, considerable and flexible service, and highly-efficient mode of transportation, it has always been providing a secured, high-qualified and efficient logistic service for its customers. Its aim is to create more added values to logistics by its centralized management.
    1. Customs declaration and commodity inspection services for all kinds of air and sea transportation;
    2. Door-to-door services for international land, air and marine transportation;
    3. Logistic services for large international events;
    4. General logistic services for international and domestic exhibition;
    5. International and domestic warehouse and distribution and delivery and insurance services;
    6. Commodity inspection services for import goods.
Beijing Gensky Union Field International Logistics Co., Ltd
This is a professional logistics supplier which provides services on both warehouse and logistics. It adheres to modern logistic ideas  before other companies, providing integrated logistic services to customers, thus promoting the development and advancement of logistic industry toward modernization in China. It is one of the best  influential third-party logistics companies in China.
 The company makes fully use and integrates its resources in warehouse and transportation. Driven by demands of customers, it has extended services from warehouse, processing and delivery to most steps in the production, circulation, distribution and consumption of commodities. The core services it provides for customers are warehouse outsourcing management, commodity processing and circulation, and delivery management. Besides, it also offers supply chain management services based on information technology, as well as individualized logistics solutions.
The company has set up service offices in more than 66 cities in China, and established an information and logistic network which covers most of the Chinese cities.
1.      Supply chain solution case services and logistics system planning service;
2.      Warehouse and distribution, packaging and delivery service;
3.      Air, railway, road and door-to-door transportation service;
4.      Reverse delivery service between different places;
5.      Planning, executing and other services for large exhibition;
6.      “FIT” individualized integrated logistics service.
Beijing Intellstarchina Culture & Media Consulting Co,. Ltd
This company is based on Gensky Union Field Holding, has hold different activities, such as filming , high-ending Chinese traditional artist calligraphy parties, large  public events, international & domestic economic forums of government., international cultural exchanges, international art performance of teenagers.
Beijing Intellstarchina Culture & Media Consulting Co., Ltd holds high the great banners of patriotism. Through a series of market operation, it is determined to carry forward Chinese traditional culture and national spirit, and eventually, make contribution to realize the Chinese dream of rejuvenation.
1. High-end Chinese traditional artists calligraphy parties, Culture Salons , Public Relations of companies;
2. Sino-Europe political and economic forums, culture & economics exchange
3. Auctions of paintings, calligraphies, antiques and art.
4. Filming  investment